International activities

The objective of international cooperation in governance policy is to influence the programmes and action plans of international organisations in the field of governance policy so that Finland's interests are taken into account in them. The aim is also to strengthen the awareness of Finland as a frontrunner of good governance. Benefits are sought from international activities for Finland's public governance and society as a whole.

Public governance cooperation in OECD countries

The OECD has a Public Governance Committee in which Finland actively participates. This provides the sector with the latest knowledge, analysis of future challenges and opportunities for governance development. Dialogue between the Member States provides the basis for development work in each country. International comparative development through the OECD and the identification of best practices support the planning and implementation of reform projects in the Finnish public governance. 

The OECD has issued eleven recommendations on the activity of public governance. The recommendations concern public procurement, open government, ethical government and digital government strategies. 

OECD's website

Public Governance Committee 

The recommendations

European level cooperation in the development of government, EUPAN network

The Directors-General of administration and personnel of the EU Member States meet twice a year to discuss the common themes relating to the development and personnel of the government of the Member States (European Public Administration Network EUPAN). The work of the Directors-General Meeting is prepared by national experts at working group level. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for Finland's role in the development and evaluation of public services (Service Innovation and Delivery) and in issues related to central government personnel management (Human Resources and Organisa-tional Development).

European Public Administration Network EUPAN

Nordic governance policy cooperation

The authorities responsible for the development of the Nordic government meet annually at the Nordic governance policy forum to discuss the current governance policy guidelines and projects. This exchange of information and cooperation is utilised in Finland's governance policy.

International dialogue between researchers and public officials

The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) and its European affiliated organisation the EGPA European Group for Public Administration enable the utilisation of new issues and assessments arising from research supporting the development of government. The Finnish Department of the IIAS operating in Finland organises regular activities.

The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS)

EGPA European Group for Public Administration

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