State personnel as statistics

The Office for the Government as Employer compiles and publishes statistics on central government personnel and its structure and conditions of employment. The Office uses the compiled statistics in negotiation and collective bargaining on the central level. The information is also used in services related to the personnel management and labour market activities of the Government management. The statistics are also published for the use of state agencies, trade organisations and citizens.

Government personnel 2021

The central government employed approximately 78,000 people in 2021. Most central government employees work in expert positions. About 40 per cent work in the security sector, i.e. in the Finnish Defence Forces, border control positions or the police. After the security sector, the largest services are services for business activities, such as the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the National Land Survey of Finland, as well as national financial administration and insurance and financing services, such as the Finnish Tax Administration and Finnish Customs. These services employ about 20 per cent of central government employees. 

Of central government employees, 36 per cent have a master's degree or doctoral degree and 36 per cent have a bachelor's degree or lowest tertiary degree. Of personnel, 91 per cent are in public-service employment relationships and 9 per cent are in contractual employment relationships. 

Labour costs comprised approximately 7.4 per cent of all central government expenditure and equated to 1.9 per cent of gross domestic product. Central government employees represent about 3.6 per cent of all wage and salary earners. When looking at the public sector alone, central government employees represent about 12.5 per cent. The public sector employs approximately 622,000 people.

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