Areas of expertise

As a Government organisation, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for pursuing economic policy that fosters stable and sustainable economic growth, ensuring prudently managed central government finances and sustainability in local government finances and advocating effectiveness and encouraging high performance in public administration.

  • Economic Policy »

    Government economic policy is prepared and implemented by the Ministry of Finance.

  • Economic Prospects »

    The Ministry of Finance monitors economic developments and forecasts and assesses economic development in Finland and elsewhere.

  • Taxation »

    The Ministry of Finance prepares tax legislation and provides guidelines for the Tax Administration and Finnish Customs.

  • Financial Markets »

    The Financial Markets Department of the Ministry of Finance creates the rules for financial markets and strengthens the framework in which the markets can operate.

  • Governance Policy »

    In English: Valtiovarainministeriö valmistelee julkisen hallinnon kehittämisen yleiset periaatteet poliittiseen päätöksentekoon.

  • Local Government »

    The Ministry of Finance is responsible for developing legislation and administration that generally relates to the local authorities.

  • Wellbeing services counties »

    The Ministry of Finance monitors the activities and finances of wellbeing services counties in general and ensures that their self-governing status is taken into account whenever legislation concerning the counties is drafted.

  • Public Sector ICT »

    The Ministry of Finance steers the development of information management in both central and local government.

  • Government as Employer »

    The Personnel and Governance Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance acts as the Office for the Government as Employer (VTML).