Tax Agreements

The Ministry of Finance prepares Finland's binding tax Conventions, which include income tax agreements, inheritance and gift tax agreements, agreements on exchange of information (TIEAs) and agreements on administrative assistance. The initiative to start negotiations may come, directly or indirectly, from the business community or a particular company.

Income tax agreements and inheritance and gift tax agreements divide the right to tax income and inheritance between the contracting states. The primary purpose of the agreements is to remove double taxation, while the secondary purpose is to try to implement single taxation. National legislation determines the extension of Finland's taxing power but the taxing right based on the Finnish national legislation may be restricted by tax agreements.

In the agreements on exchange of information the contracting states agree on exchange of information on tax matters between their authorities in order to receive information that is needed for the national taxation. In the agreements on administrative assistance it is also agreed on recovery of taxes, notification of tax documents, simultaneous tax audits and participation in tax audits in the other contracting state.

Finland's current tax treaties 2nd January 2019

The official versions of Finland’s tax treaties are released under the Treaty Series of the Statute Book. The most convenient method of finding the electronic versions of the treaties is to use the number of the series (e.g. 84/1997) or to conduct a basic search in the “International treaties” section of the legislative information database maintained by the Department of Justice at the Finlex website.


Entry into force and starting point for the application of Finland's new Double Taxation Agreements with Portugal, Spain and Nordic Countries (27th November 2019)

Signed DTA:s

Germany: A Protocol between Finland and Germany to amend the DTA between the two countries has been signed 18th November 2019.

Protocol between Finland and Germany