Priority of digital communications by public authorities

The Programme of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo's Government states that Finland will gradually shift to making digital services the primary channel for accessing the services of public authorities. During this government term, work will begin on making digital communications the primary channel used by public authorities. In this context, this means notifications by public authorities to citizens. The aim is that citizens who use e-services will primarily receive notifications sent by public authorities electronically. At the same time, alternative channels for communicating and for accessing services will be available for people who are unable to use digital services and communication channels.

Public authorities currently mainly post paper notifications to customers, unless the customer has given separate consent to receiving electronic notifications. This usually means consent to the use of messages in the service. Switching to primarily electronic notifications would create savings for public administration and streamline official processes. It would also allow more citizens to use services independent of time and place. 

To achieve this objective, the Ministry of Finance has launched the Programme to Promote Primarily Digital Official Communications for the term of 27 April 2024–31 December 2027. In addition to developing legislation, the programme is tasked with developing messages in a customer-oriented manner, providing instruction and advice to citizens and public authorities on the use of the service, and providing digital support to citizens in switching to digital official communications. 

The programme has the following objectives:

  • To take legislative measures to make electronic notifications the primary option for those people for whom this is possible. To provide support to customers of administration in this transition in the form of information guidance and advice.
  • To create savings for public administration by primarily sending notifications to customers of administration electronically ( messages) rather than by posting paper letters.
  • To increase the number of organisations in public administration and organisations performing public functions that use messages through legislative measures, information guidance, and advice and by supporting public authorities in adopting the service through a round of discretionary government grants.
  • To expand and streamline the use of messages by taking a customer-oriented approach to developing the service, which will support the productivity goals for public administration. 
  • To draw up alternatives and solutions for a gradual transition in public administration towards the more extensive use of digital services as the primary channel for accessing the services of public authorities.
  • To look into possibilities and means to enable sending mail from public authorities to private digital mail services.


  • Niko Ruostetsaari, Senior Specialist (project manager)
  • Emilia Laitala, Ministerial Adviser (legislation)