Industrial peace

Industrial peace obligation 

When a collective agreement is in force, no industrial action may be taken in respect of the agreement in force. This applies to public official and employee organisations which are bound by the agreement, to associations that are members such organisations or have been members during the term of the agreement, and to public officials and employees. When the collective agreement is in force, employees may take political or sympathy action. However, in the case of public officials, such industrial action is prohibited.

Measures the employer organisation needs to take in the event of industrial action

Ensuring operations

  • Updating the government agency’s own reports, plans and guidelines, drawn up be-fore the threat of industrial action, so that they correspond to the nature and extent of the intended industrial action (Agency)
  • Impact assessment of industrial action: total, workplace-specific or rotating strike (Agency)
  • Taking care of maintaining order and other practical measures (Agency)

Contacting the Office for the Government as Employer – negotiations to clarify the nature of the industrial action and responsibilities on the employer’s side

  • Assessing the legality of industrial action and contacting the relevant government bargaining agents (Office)
  • Potential Labour Court proceedings (Office)
  • Potential Dispute Board proceedings (Office)
  • Potential legislative proposal to prohibit or restrict industrial action (Office)
  • Drawing up a negotiation and communication strategy (Agency with Office)

Contacting the National Conciliator (Agency with Office)

  • Information to be provided to the National Conciliator (Agency with Office)
  • Conducting negotiations under the leadership of the Conciliator or without the involvement of the Conciliator (Agency with Office)

Documenting events (Agency)

  • Documenting the events during the industrial action for later analysis

Media and communications

  • Communication during the industrial action – at the right time and to the right extent (Agency with Office)

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