Support for the senior management in central government

The support function for the senior management in central government is located in the Public Governance Department of the Ministry of Finance. Its task is to prepare the management policy outlines and to support the senior management in central government in different ways in management development. The tasks of the support function are usually related to management development, to the position, service relationships, recruitment, mobility and coaching of senior management and to performance management. One of its practical tasks is to monitor the mobility of the senior civil servants and to communicate information about opening positions. 

The forms of operation include: 

  • Policy outlines, development models and instructions 
  • Common management development projects and programmes in central government (e.g. Uudistuja, Horizons and Tulevaisuuden johtajat) 
  • Coordination of management development forums and networks (e.g. Johdon päivä events and small groups, Henkilöstöjohdon foorumi and other networks) 
  • Personal support and consultation for the most senior civil servants as necessary 
  • Information systems and services (registers)?? related to the management system and its develop-ment 
  • Communication and expert services 

The support function is based on close interaction and a customeroriented operating practice in working with the management and personnel units of the ministries and government agencies. 

Contact details

Ari Holopainen Senior Ministerial Adviser, Financial Affairs tel. +358 295 530 520 

Markus Siltanen Senior Ministerial Adviser, Financial Affairs tel. +358 295 530 263 

Seija Ahlqvist Secretary tel. +358 295 530 395 

[email protected] 

Management development is widely related to the activities of the Public Governance Department. Other senior managers and experts from the department also participate in it.