Core principles and future of governance policy

The central goal of governance policy is to ensure that public administration can function. Governance policy combines the views of politicians, officials, citizens and the business sector concerning public governance reform. Both the Government and state central administration are responsible for preparing governance policy.

Preparing governance policy includes preparing strategies and definitions related to governance policy and anticipating future risks and of development trends as well as evaluating reform policy.

Governance policy ensures that:

  • organisational structures, steering systems and governance in general are regularly assessed
  • there is less need for sudden and unexpected structural reforms
  • the Government has the opportunity to lead the country even though the world is changing quickly and unpredictably
  • the Government is aware of the different ways of meeting various challenges and how different methods affect various problems and function in different situations.

Governance policy also ensures that central government is:

  • continuous and stable on the one hand: the citizens, the business sector and the actors in the international system need a public administration that is clearly understandable and operates predictably
  • flexible and open to change on the other hand: historical structures must not prevent renewal, and continuity cannot prevent change.
  • has one destination: the different parts and sectors of reform policy must support each other and proceed in the same direction.

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