Website cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser when you use the website. The purpose of cookies is to allow the website to store certain selections you make (e.g. language) for a certain period of time. This means you do not need to make the same selections again when you move from one page to another during the same session.

Some of the cookies used on the website are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Necessary cookies ensure the technical functioning of the website and are not used for other purposes. The website always uses a secure connection (https).

The website also features visitor tracking and analytics cookies (non-essential) which the Ministry of Finance uses to collect visitor statistics and analyse visitor data, and for website and content development. We hope that you will also accept non-essential cookies. The data collected will not be used for marketing purposes, nor will visitor tracking data be disclosed outside the Government. Only ministries can use visitor tracking data from each other’s websites in order to develop their online communication.

Cookies may also be stored on your browser by third parties, whose services are shown on our website as embedded content (social media embedding). 

Necessary cookies

A publishing system (Liferay) cookie that stores information on whether or not users have enabled cookies in their browser settings. Valid for one year.

A publishing system cookie that stores information on users’ language preferences and preserves it for their next visit to the website. Valid for one year.

A content management cookie used for linking users to their sessions. The cookie expires when the session ends.

A publishing system cookie that stores a timestamp for the user’s visit and gives a warning if the session is about to expire. Valid for one year.

Server environment cookies that improve the user experience by balancing server loads and ensuring that the user’s session can continue. The second cookie ensures that the website can function with the latest browser versions. Valid for one week.

A cookie set by Valtori that stores information on whether or not the user has accepted cookies in their browser (cookie banner). Valid for one year.

Visitor tracking and analytics cookies

If the visitor has accepted the use of visitor tracking and quality control cookies (non-essential), the website’s visitor tracking collects general data on the use of the website that are used for website development and quality control. 

This includes:

  • the page from which the visitor accessed the website
  • pages viewed
  • timestamp of page downloads
  • web browser and operating system, and 
  • the visitor’s internet service provider.

Website visitor tracking

Visitor tracking is not used to identify individual persons, nor are visitors’ IP addresses stored in their entirety. However, the visitor’s IP address is used to determine the organisation to which the IP address in question is registered, and to determine the visitor’s geographic location. Location information is indicative: accuracy is good at the country level and moderate at the regional and city level.

This cookie registers a unique identifier for the user. Valid for two years.

A cookie that stores information about the visit until the user leaves the site. Valid for the duration of the session.

A cookie that combines information about visits if the user returns to the website within half an hour after leaving. Valid for 30 minutes.

Quality control

We use the Siteimprove service to monitor the accessibility, usability and quality of the website, e.g. to ensure the functionality of links. Based on this information, the Ministry of Finance makes website improvements related to accessibility and usability.

The service anonymises IP addresses automatically and the collected data cannot be associated with individual persons.

Siteimprove does not disclose data to third parties, nor can third parties make use of the cookies or information that can be associated with them.

A Siteimprove service cookie that stores information on the use of the website. Valid for 1000 days.

Third-party applications

Some pages of the website use third-party applications to show content such as embedded YouTube videos. When a page loads, these applications may store cookies in the visitor’s browser that communicate information about the loading and the address of the page to a third party. 

The cookie settings on the website do not affect these cookies. You can block or allow third-party cookies using your browser’s cookie settings. Instructions are available at

Links to social media services and share buttons on our website will not transmit any user information to the providers of these services, unless you click on these links and share buttons.

Information about the service providers’ cookie policies and data protection policies is available on their websites: 

Disabling cookies

The website uses a cookie banner. When visiting a website, you can accept the use of non-essential cookies and plug-ins.

If you choose to disable cookies, no non-essential cookies or plug-ins will be installed.

To change your cookie preferences, click on the link below. You will now see the cookie banner again.

Managing cookies 

Instructions on managing cookies of the most common browsers and applications:

Mobile devices

Technical log data on the website and telecommunications connections

Technical log data is collected on the use of the website and the telecommunications connections used to access it. This data is necessary for the provision of the online service and for ensuring information security. The log data includes data that may be associated with a person, such as their IP address and timestamp. This log data is used only to enable the provision of the service via the telecommunications network and to investigate any disruptions and information security incidents.

The processing of personal data in the context of online service provision and ensuring information security is necessary to allow the Ministry of Finance to comply with its legal obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

The contracting partner of Valtori, the service provider of the publishing platform, uses one per cent of the log data on site visits from the content distribution network to develop its service. For this purpose, the data is transferred to the United States based on standard contractual clauses on the transfer of personal data adopted by the European Commission. Valtori is preparing a change that will enable the log data from the content distribution network to remain in the EU as of autumn 2021. 

Read more about the processing of personal data in the Ministry of Finance