Renewal project for central government’s premises strategy

The current strategy for central government premises is based on the principle that they support productive operations in a cost-effective manner. Remote working and digitalisation have long been changing the service needs of citizens and the way in which central government work is carried out. During the coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2020, remote working has expanded significantly and it has been possible to make use of digitalisation much more than before. As government work changes, it is also necessary to review premises and their use.  

Key themes already identified in the renewal of the premises strategy include the concept of office premises (what offices are for) and the amount of office space required, increasing the shared use of facilities across the government sector, knowledge work and the work environment, and common practices concerning the security of premises. A further important element is the development of knowledge-based planning for premises tied to specific uses, and the concurrent development of activities and premises. Specific-use premises include museums, prisons, barracks, police and court buildings and laboratories. 

In addition, the reform must take into account Finland's carbon neutrality targets.

The project supports the objectives of the Strategy for Public Governance Renewal.

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Pauliina Pekonen, pauliina.pekonen(at)