Latest Enterprise Architecture development

Architecture is transformed and created in projects. Here are some on-going development activities and recent reference architectures which are relevant for reaching the target architecture.

The Ministry of Finance has launched a program (National Architecture for Digital Services) for building the key components of the national service architecture. In the service architecture the main elements are national bus service, e-identification and e-service channels. Service architecture is the framework which defines how different systems and services co-operate, connect to each other and access data. Thoroughly defined and implemented coherent architecture will enable efficient data re-use and often it includes application programming interfaces (API) for third party applications to access data.

The reference architecture for the base information repositories was published in 2013 and it is part of the public administration’s common architecture. The objective of the reference architecture is to create a common design model to the information in the base information repositories and instructions for the utilization in the processes and systems of different organizations. The advantages of the reference architecture are:

  • Improved search of the basic information
  • Enabling updates of information also from outside the responsible organization
  • Uniform distribution of information

The essential goal of the reference architecture is to secure the interoperability of the basic information in the interface services.

Service-centered customer orientation was the starting point for the reference architecture of the digital services (SAVI reference architecture). In this context the digital services means the citizen’s web interface to the public services. The process starts with the user interface and it can contain also non-electronic steps, like a telephone call or a visit to the office. The process remains intact even if it contains non-electronic steps and/or the matter moves from one authority to another. This reference architecture focuses on the user interface and do not include the back-end processes of the authorities which are related to the production of the service.  The primary target group of the reference architecture is the designers and developers of the digital service. The goal is to define a good practice to the service design.

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