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Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Agreement reached on the EU budget

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 19.11.2019 8.48 | Published in English on 19.11.2019 at 9.48
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Kimmo Tiilikainen in the City of Brussels 18.11.2019.
Photo: EU

On 18 November, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament reached agreement on an EU budget for 2020.

State Secretary Kimmo Tiilikainen chaired the Council. He represented the Council in the negotiations with the European Parliament.

“As the Council Presidency, we were able to negotiate a balanced solution. Next year’s budget focuses especially on climate action, job creation, security and management of migration,” says State Secretary Tiilikainen.

The Council and the European Parliament agreed on the budget as follows:

  • EUR 168.7 billion in commitment appropriations. The EU commits to these appropriations next year, but some of them are paid later.
  • EUR 153.6 billion in payment appropriations. The EU pays these appropriations next year.

The Council and the Parliament still have to formally approve the agreement reached.

Press release by the Council of the European Union

Member States advocate a disciplined budget for the EU (press release 14 November)


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