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Great day in heart of power and openness

Ministry of Finance
27.10.2015 19.12
News item
Kuva: Hans Koistinen

The international Youth Forum, held in connection with the OECD Public Governance Ministerial Meeting, culminated in the Youth Dialogue event at the House of the Estates on Thursday 27 October 2015. The event brought together young people from Finland, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Tunisia, Ireland and Turkey. They discussed with the OECD ministers how to make the young people better heard in international politics.

Goal at the House of the Estates

- A fantastic day, said the girls who had travelled from Salla and Savukoski in North Finland to Helsinki as they took a rest at the House of the Estates after a hectic football match. We have learned a great deal about Finland's administration and the history of the Government Palace, sketched our own pictures and networked with the whole group of participants.

- The young should be taught much more about the political system and provided with information about how to have an influence, said Jimi and Janne from Kuopio.

“Everybody says that the young should be heard but who is listening?”

The young participants built up a wall of messages at the House of the Estates. This involved a lot of noise, opinions and post-it notes as the active and motivated young people thought together about their future. The Youth Dialogue was chaired by Ms Anu Vehviläinen, Minister for Local Government and Public Reforms. Deputy Secretary General Ms Mari Kiviniemi represented the OECD at the event.

“We wanna talk!”

On Finland's initiative, young people in ten countries were heard on the themes of the Public Governance Ministerial Meeting. The themes were:  What is good life? What should the school of the future be like? How the voices of young people could be better heard in the policy process?

Answers to these questions will be given on Wednesday at Finlandia Hall. Thirty ministers will receive the greetings of the young people - Give us a chance!


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