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Minister Orpo's speech the Meeting of Finnish Heads of Mission

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 27.8.2018 15.05 | Published in English on 31.8.2018 at 15.00
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Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo gave a speech at the Meeting of Finnish Heads of Mission in Helsinki on 27 August.

"In my opinion, knowledge and education would be a natural focus area for Finland's presidency. Strengthening knowledge and education is the key to solving digitalisation, automation and the other challenges related to the transformation of working life that is affecting the EU Member States. By raising and maintaining our knowledge and educational level, we can turn those challenges into opportunities", said Minister Orpo. 

Speech given by Petteri Orpo, Minister of Finance, at the Meeting of Finnish Heads of Mission


Elisa Tarkiainen, Special Adviser to Minister Orpo, puh. 0400 774789, elisa.tarkiainen(at)

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