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Ministry of Finance requests police to investigate information leakage

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 10.4.2015 15.30
Press release

On Friday 10 April, the Finnish Ministry of Finance requested a police investigation into a possible information leakage. Helsingin Sanomat, a Finnish broadsheet newspaper, published an article on 9 April with the heading ’Ministry warns of economic collapse in Greece’ (in Finnish: ”Ministeriö varoittaa Kreikan romahduksesta”), which according to the newspaper was based on a secret memo of the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance will not conduct an internal investigation but has instead requested the police to investigate the matter. There is reason to believe that a document that was subject to non-disclosure under the Publicity Act was released. Leaking information contained in the memo may have an adverse effect on the markets and jeopardise Finland’s position as a reliable partner in the euro crisis negotiations.

The Ministry takes information leakages very seriously. The purpose of the confidentiality markings in government documents is to ensure that matters are prepared in confidence by senior public officials.

The Ministry of Finance will release new information on the matter once the police have completed their investigation.

Further information:

Ms Liinu Lehto, Director of Communications, Ministry of Finance, tel. +358 2955 30221, [email protected]