A Self-Renewing, Resilient and Sustainable Society

Contribution by the officials of the Ministry of Finance

In the document ‘A Self-Renewing, Resilient and Sustainable Society’, the key economic and governance policy issues for the coming parliamentary term are reviewed from the perspective of the Ministry of Finance. Development prospects for the coming parliamentary term are also analysed in the publication and there is discussion on the main challenges facing Finland and the policy choices associated with them. The publication has been jointly prepared by the Ministry’s departments and the work was coordinated by the Ministry’s Group of Directors.

Finland has been a success story over the past century. However, in the coming years and decades, Finland is facing a number of difficult problems, such as climate change, ageing of the population, technological transformation and a high level of structural unemployment. Moreover, the fiscal buffers for the next downturn are slim and the sustainability problem remains unsolved.

Structures of society can be renewed by political decisions so that Finland can focus its resources effectively and appropriately. We must also make full use of the opportunities created by technological advances and digitalisation. Finland must also be better prepared for the risks and threats facing its economy and society.