Glimpses of the future

Data policy, artificial intelligence and robotisation as enablers of wellbeing and economic success in Finland

Our society is moving into the 2020s in a situation where we are making more efficient use of services enabled by new technology to develop new services and business models in society and in business life. The 2020s is predicted to be a decade characterised by the clear breakthrough of artificial intelligence and robotisation in the same way as social media, cloud computing, smart phones, location and time independent working and digital services did in the 2010s.

Finland has performed extremely well in international statistics in several fields of society. Finland's stability and security combined with high technology utilisation rate and education level provides an excellent platform for the creation and development of digital business. At the core of this development are citizens, businesses and data. The development of data policy and data management in a way that takes the different life situations of citizens into account is a unique innovation by global standards, and one which we believe will be a significant contributor to Finland’s success in the 2020s.

In this big picture, trust plays a key role. This is a major issue that emerges in the context of the personal data processing of private citizens and customers, new business model and service development, making society more resilient, and in national and international cooperation. Trust requires continues development work in different sectors, paying due attention to the threats and risks affecting the digital environment. Here, digital security serves as the enabler of trust and of services made possible by new technology.