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Government procurement processes streamlined through Handi programm

Ministry of FinanceTreasury
11.6.2020 9.37 | Published in English on 11.6.2020 at 12.50
Press release

Thanks to the Handi programme for the digitalisation of government procurement processes, the central government’s procurement processes are more uniform and streamlined than before. Procurement is now managed more professionally and the prerequisites for information management have improved.

“The Handi programme, which has continued beyond government terms, significantly reformed the government procurement processes. The results and lessons of the programme have now been compiled in a final report, which can be used extensively to develop procurement,” says Tero Meltti, Senior Ministerial Adviser in the Ministry of Finance.

The Handi programme was in place between 23.5.2016 and 31.3.2020. It brought together government procurement professionals to develop the procurement process. The procurement process was developed in its entirety from identifying the procurement needs to the order, payment and reporting.

The programme enabled the government procurement process to be digitalised and made more efficient.

“The Handi programme created a good basis and well-functioning cooperation relationships for further developing the central government’s procurement process,” says Seija Friman, Programme Manager from the State Treasury.

Smoother tendering, ordering and invoice processing

  1. Hanki service: A common electronic tendering system was introduced. Electronic tendering has led to a more efficient, correct and simpler tendering process.
  2. Automatic verification of official data: With the automated verification of official data, public tendering is simpler and more streamlined than before. Finland is the first EU country to automate the verification of official data in the tendering procedure.
  3. Handi Service: All accounting units introduced an electronic order and invoice processing system, the Handi service.

Further development of public procurements

It is estimated that around EUR 35 billion per year will be spent on public procurements in Finland.

Development will continue under the Procurement Finland action programme, which promotes the societal impact of funds used for public procurements and the sustainability of public finances. Public procurements are an important means of achieving the strategic objectives of both the Government Programme and of municipalities. The national procurement strategy will be published in autumn 2020.


Programme Manager Seija Friman, tel. +358 295 50 3265, seija.friman(at)

Senior Ministerial Adviser Tero Meltti, tel. +358 295 530 770, tero.meltti(at)