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EU meetings
Ministers for the economy and finance to meet in Paris

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 24.2.2022 15.54
Press release
Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko

Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko will represent Finland at the informal meeting of ministers for the economy and finance (Ecofin) to be held in Paris on 25–26 February and in the Eurogroup on 25 February. The security policy situation in Europe will also come up during the meetings.

In addition to the ministers of the economy and finance, the governors of the EU’s national central banks will take part in the first day of meetings. The main theme of the meeting is developing Europe's economic strength in light of global challenges. The ministers will discuss Europe’s economic growth following the COVID-19 crisis, obstacles to growth, and future economic policy. 
The ministers will also discuss the expectations that the green and digital transition will set for the finance sector. 
Due to acute geopolitical developments, the ministers will have the opportunity to exchange views on the security policy situation, sanctions and the impact of sanctions on the economies of the Member States.  

No decisions will be made at the informal meeting.


Eurogroup to discuss macroeconomic issues

The Eurogroup will meet on Friday 25 February before the informal Ecofin meeting begins. 
The discussion points on the agenda will be:

  • Macroeconomic developments and policy prospects in the euro area in light of the Commis-sion's recent interim forecast.
  • Euro area dimension of the macroeconomic imbalances procedure.
  • The euro as a digital currency – update of the state of play. 

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Martti Salmi, Senior Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 295 530 194, martti.salmi(at)
Petra Schulze Steinen, Special Adviser to the Minister of Finance, tel. +358 40 671 7278, pet-ra.schulze-steinen(at)

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin) is one of the configurations of the Council of the European Union. Ecofin makes decisions on EU legislative proposals within its remit, usually in cooperation with the European Parliament. It is also responsible for coordinating the economic policies of EU Member States. Ecofin is composed of the Member States’ economic and financial affairs ministers.

The Eurogroup is an informal body tasked with coordinating economic policies among the euro area member states and promoting economic growth. The Eurogroup consists of the economic and financial affairs ministers of the euro area member states. Although the Eurogroup has no legislative function, it does set out policy guidelines.


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