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Minister Orpo: Finland remains committed to the EU’s fiscal rules

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 27.10.2016 16.15
Press release

Finland remains committed to observing the European Union’s fiscal rules, emphasizes Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo in his letter to the European Commission. The letter is a reply to the Commission’s request for further information on Finland’s draft budgetary plan for 2017.

Minister Orpo says in his letter that Finland seeks to ensure compliance with the fiscal rules by means of structural reforms that will boost growth in the economy and curb public expenditure. The most important structural reforms concentrate on competitiveness, the labour market and health and social services.

The letter also reminds the Commission about the Government’s considerable EUR 4 billion programme of fiscal consolidation measures.

– The Government must be ready to take additional measures, if necessary, next spring to ensure that public finances are brought onto a sustainable path, says Minister Orpo.

Minister Orpo’s reply to the European Commission

Letter from the European Commission

European Commission requests further information on Finland’s draft budgetary plan (press release 25 October)

Finland submits its draft budgetary plan for 2017 to the European Union (press release 13 October)


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