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National Supervisory Authority (Luova) to start operating at the beginning of 2021

Government Communications DepartmentMinistry of Finance
Publication date 16.8.2018 11.00
Press release

At its meeting on 16 August 2018, the ministerial working group on reforms determined that the National Supervisory Authority (Luova), being part of the overall regional government, health and social services reform, be established on 1 January 2021 in conjunction with the reform’s entry into force.

On Wednesday 27 June, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä presented a Prime Minister's announcement to Parliament on the deferral of the entry into force of the regional government, health and social services reform until the start of 2021.

The change in the timetable for the reform’s entry into force also affects the reorganisation of central government duties.

The extra time brought by the deferral will be used for effective preparatory and development work, and especially for taking advantage of the digital opportunities offered in the operation of the new agency. 


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