Enterprise architecture in digitalisation

Enterprise architecture (EA) is an effective way to implement a strategy. EA provides the methods, the tools and a consistent approach and it enables the practical implementation of strategies all the way to measures.  Objectives and the driving forces of change are better understood when they are accompanied by appropriate models and descriptions, when the target state can be described with the necessary accuracy, when the necessary changed are determined by analysing the current state, and, finally, when the projects contained in the project portfolio are realised via architectural steering effectively and their benefits are maximised.

Digitalisation refers to the utilisation of information technology to reform and develop business and activities. EA plays a key role in this. EA offers the framework which helps in drafting a comprehensive picture of the activity in questions, it’s content and links with the necessary accuracy. EA helps in both the analysis of the current state and the follow-through of the reform.

Data has gained a key status in public administration and more extensively in society. Many private companies utilise data in carrying out their business activities, and the public administration's activities also rely a great deal on data. However, data has long been understood only as a part of information systems, and not as an independent and separate entity. There is a strong willingness in public administration to offer and utilise open data. The principle of "requesting information only once" has also been proposed at the EU level. EA provides the tools and procedures for the management, determination and utilisation of data.

The starting point for the utilisation of digitalisation must be to ensure that as many activities as possible are carried out automatically in the background. This will require significant changes to the manner in which things have been previously done, where one agency takes care of an activity from start to finish.  Digitalisation will change the entire economy and society's structures as a whole as radically as industrialisation did. EA is a method to promote and manage digitalisation.

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Suvi Remes, Ministerial Adviser 
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