Enterprise Architecture in public sector

The information system viewpoint on the public administration's enterprise architecture (EA) is not the sum of information system services offered by various organisations. Rather, the public administration EA system level contains those shared information system services for public administration that are sensible to realise in one go as a single solution that various organisations can use and utilise in their own activities. A similar approach also applies to other perspectives of enterprise architecture. Public administration EA contains all commonly used descriptions and definitions.

The analysis of public administration architecture activities and policies is based on a more dynamic and flexible and especially a more open ecosystem model than previously. Interacting ecosystems are one of the biggest megatrends in the development of services and technology. Ecosystem refers to a flexible entity, wherein communities, people, services and technologies are linked together through natural customer needs utilising all the stakeholders in the ecosystem. Ecosystems often accelerate activities and business.

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Suvi Remes, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Finance, Julkisen hallinnon tieto- ja viestintätekninen osasto / Julk ICT, Tietopolitiikka 0295530039