Steering systems

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The Ministry of Finance is responsible for developing steering systems for central government. The Ministry of Finance and the administrative branch are responsible for a large part of corporate steering at state level. In its administrative branch, the Ministry also steers important corporate service providers that provide services for the whole of central government.

Government Programme and implementation plan

The state has various goals for public policy, the operation of the administrative organisation and the public service production. Political steering is a political choice for which goals are set. The decisions are made by the Government and Parliament.

The Government's central method of strategic steering is the Government Programme drawn up by the Government. The Government Programme is an action plan approved by the parties included in the Government, in which the most important purposes of the Government are agreed upon. An implementation plan of the Government Programme is drawn up in order to realise its goals.

The implementation plan specifies the central goals of the Government Programme's focus areas, the key projects and the responsibilities for preparing cross-administrative policies.

In the steering of the administrative organization and public service production, the key issue, in addition to the economical and efficient organisation of the activities, is setting socially significant goals and their steering.

A steering system refers to a set of procedures, systems and methods that support management, and related documents. Management and steering systems have a close relationship with each other. Management refers to the methods and procedures that management uses in order to achieve the goals set.

The development of steering systems aims to take into account central government finances and activities as a whole in a balanced manner.

The goals of developing steering systems for central government finances and activities are to ensure economical and effective steering systems, to simplify and clarify the steering processes and to strengthen the corporate point of view. The methods used to achieve this include the strengthening of corporate-type management and the joint organisation of activities where financial and quality benefits can be gained through centralisation.

OHRA – the project to reform the Government’s steering framework  

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