Target Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is the glue between strategy and executions. The current ICT strategy includes focus areas like “Open Data and Joint Use”, “Ability to Use and Benefit from ICT” and “Reliable and Cost-effective ICT Infrastructure” which have clear implications to the architectural choices.

The target architecture aims at the following:

  • Efficiency; different sectors and organizations can work together smoothly and without technical limitations
  • Information usage; public sector’s information is widely used and accessible to all stakeholders
  • Digital services; public sector provides customer oriented and easy to use services in the Internet
  • Security; the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information is well preserved
  • Agility; public sector architecture can adapt to new targets and requirements.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) seems to be the best framework to achieve these goals simultaneously. Currently, we are building components in different programs on the national level to fulfill the missing areas.

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