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A shared knowledge base for public administration promotes interoperability and efficient use of information resources

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 1.2.2022 9.16
Press release

The Ministry of Finance has published an information management map of public administration to promote the interoperability and efficient use of the public sector’s information pools and resources. The map, which was collected in cooperation with other ministries, consists of the information pools used in public administration, related disclosures, and information on the actors that are responsible for and utilise this data.

The information management map offers different actors a shared knowledge base on the current state of information management, which they can use to improve the interoperability of the public sector’s information pools and resources and to assess the impacts of changes in information management. 

The first version of the information management map is now freely available to different actors in the online service maintained by the State Treasury.

Information management map helps to assess the impacts of development work

The information management map will make the authorities responsible for information management better equipped to assess the impacts of extensive administrative or structural changes. The map provides different actors with a general view of what the key information pools in public administration are, what information is maintained and how the information they contain is utilised, how is the disclosure of information between different information pools organised, and under what conditions could the actors access the information.

The information management map is intended to serve as a tool for ministries for steering the interoperability of information pools and for planning interoperability implementation methods in their respective branches. For law drafters, the map provides information on the regulation of information pools and on the disclosure of information, as well as information on current regulatory methods across different administrative sectors.

For the authorities, the map serves as a tool for identifying and utilising existing information pools as well as information managed by other authorities. It also allows the authorities to assess the impact of information management development measures on other actors. The information management map supports the principle of public access to official documents by providing an overview of the information resources utilised by the public authorities in the performance of their duties. 

The information management map reflects the current legislation. It is maintained by the Ministry of Finance. Each ministry is responsible for keeping the material regarding their respective branch up to date. Further development work on the information management map to promote interoperability will continue in cooperation with the ministries.


Suvi Remes, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Finance, tel. +358 29 553 0550, suvi.remes[at]

In matters regarding the information management map of public administration, please contact the Ministry of Finance at [email protected]