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Budget proposal for 2021 submitted to Parliament

Ministry of Finance
5.10.2020 11.45
Press release
Budget 2021 Finnish Government.

The Government has submitted its budget proposal for 2021 to Parliament.

In the budget proposal, revenue is estimated at EUR 53.4 billion and the appropriations proposed amount to EUR 64.2 billion. The budget proposal shows a deficit of EUR 10.8 billion. The main contents of the proposal are summarised in the Ministry of Finance's Budget Review 2021.

The Ministry of Finance has also assessed the income distribution effects of the reforms incorporated in the budget proposal.


Annika Klimenko, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Deputy Director General, tel. +358 2955 30180, annika.klimenko(at)

Chief specialist Olli Kärkkäinen, puh. 0295530545, olli.karkkainen(at) (income distribution effects of the budget proposal)

Ministerial adviser Filip Kjellberg, puh. 0295530123, filip.kjellberg(at) (income distribution effects of the tax changes)