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EU meetings
Finance ministers to seek agreement on taxation of multinational corporations and discuss economic impact of the Ukraine crisis

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 1.4.2022 14.07
Press release
State Secretary Maria Kaisa Aula in the The Economic and Financial Affairs Council in January 2022.

State Secretary Maria Kaisa Aula will represent Finland in the meeting of EU and euro area finance ministers on 4–5 April.  

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council will discuss the proposal for a Council directive on ensuring a global minimum level of taxation for multinational groups in the Union. The aim of the Directive is to make sure that large multinational groups will pay a certain minimum level of taxes on their profits internationally, regardless of the state where they operate. Moving the proposal forward is one of the key objectives of the French Presidency of the Council of Europe.

The second item on the agenda is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the related economic consequences. The ministers will also receive a report on the progress of and next steps in the enhancement of the European financial architecture for development. 

Eurogroup to discuss economic outlook and digital euro

The Eurogroup will meet on Monday 4 April. Items on the agenda include the economic situation and outlook in the euro area, the planning of the digital euro and discussions on the euro area housing market. The Banking Union format will hear the half-yearly reports from the chairs of the ECB Supervisory Board and the Single Resolution Board.  



Susanna Ikonen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 295 530 049, susanna.ikonen(at)
Petra Schulze Steinen, Special Adviser to the Minister of Finance, tel. +358 40 671 7278, petra.schulze-steinen(at)

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin) is one of the configurations of the Council of the European Union. Ecofin makes decisions on EU legislative proposals within its remit, usually in cooperation with the European Parliament. It is also responsible for coordinating the economic policies of EU Member States. Ecofin is composed of the Member States’ economic and financial affairs ministers.

The Eurogroup is an informal body tasked with coordinating economic policies among the euro area member states and promoting economic growth. The Eurogroup consists of the economic and financial affairs ministers of the euro area member states. Although the Eurogroup has no legislative function, it does set out policy guidelines.

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