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Finland reports to EU on general government finances and structural reforms

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 30.4.2020 12.16
Press release

Finland's Stability Programme and National Reform Programme submitted to the EU this spring are in shortened form.

The Ministry of Finance submitted the programmes to the European Union on Thursday 30 April. The programmes are part of the EU's annual European Semester process for coordinating the economic and fiscal policies of Member States.

Due to the exceptional circumstances this spring, the Stability Programme does not incorporate the Government’s goals or planned measures for achieving them. Finland will prepare a Stability Programme in the standard format when the economic outlook becomes clearer. At that time the Government will set out the goals for general government finances and will assess the achievement of the medium-term budgetary objective.

The National Reform Programme focuses on structural challenges. Within this programme Finland is reporting mainly on reforms prior to the pandemic and on the progress made in relation to the country-specific recommendations. The National Reform Programme also examines progress made in achieving the EU2020 goals and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.


Marketta Henriksson, Head of Secretariat for EU Affairs (Stability Programme), tel. +358 2955 30441, marketta.henriksson(at)
Laura Vartia, Senior Ministerial Adviser (National Reform Programme), tel. +358 2955 30228, laura.vartia(at)