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Minister Stubb: Economy, security and refugee crisis call for European solutions

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 7.10.2015 16.03
Press release

Minister of Finance Alexander Stubb postulates that economic issues, the refugee crisis and security matters will drive the EU Member States to seek common solutions. Stubb believes that European cooperation is now at a crossroads comparable to those experienced in the 1950s and 1990s. However, Stubb does not foresee a big leap forward; instead he encourages the EU countries to focus on a pragmatic approach to problem-solving.

Finance Minister Stubb spoke about Europe’s challenges on 7 October in Bruges in Belgium. He is an alumni of the College of Europe and held the College’s opening speech for the academic year by expressing his personal views on the state of the European Union in 2015.

Minister Stubb’s speech in Bruges on 7 October 2015


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