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Young people believe that societal challenges can be resolved democratically

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 9.5.2022 11.12
Press release

In the spring of 2022, the Centre of Expertise for Participation and Influencing, led by the Youth Academy, carried out a pilot project for the Ministry of Finance that consulted young people on their views on societal influence, trust and cooperation between generations. According to the consultation, young people trust in negotiation and cooperation with other generations in society.

The results will be used in the work to develop open government, which aims to promote the key goals of trust and participation. The results will also be used as part of Finland's work in the OECD, which promotes youth participation.

Young people feel that it is important for each generation to be represented in decision-making. For example, young people should be included in decisions concerning them and their future. The majority of the young people who participated in the consultation felt that young people are not currently able to participate sufficiently in decision-making. They felt that obstacles or challenges to exerting influence included insufficient information and communication about methods and opportunities to have a say, age limits for voting, and the low representation of young people in decision-making bodies. They also felt that young people are not taken seriously.

Young people consider public services to be important

According to young people, public services increase equality and wellbeing for everyone. Young people consider education to be a particularly important service for them. However, the future of public services is a subject that divides their opinions, as some consider it important from the perspective of financial resources to reduce the availability of public services. However, young people feel that it is important to maintain public services.

The consultations included 75 young people between the ages of 15 and 20. The consultations were organised as workshops using gamified elements and through anonymous youth discussions on the Digiraati platform.

Katju Holkeri, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Finance, tel. +358 295 530 087, katju.holkeri(at)
Antti Ollikainen, Project Coordinator, Youth Academy/Centre of Expertise for Participation and Influencing, tel. +358 50 338 4485, antti.ollikainen(at)