Europe 2020 -Strategy

Finland´s National Programme Spring 2015

The European Council approved an economic and employment strategy in 2010. The vision of the Europe
2020 Strategy, which extends to 2020, is smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The strategy sets
EU-wide targets for employment, research and development expenditure, climate policy, education and reducing
poverty. Every Member State sets its own corresponding national targets.

Finland’s national targets are raising the employment rate of 20–64 year-olds to 78%, maintaining R&D
spending at a minimum of 4% of GDP, reaching the climate and energy targets agreed in the EU, keeping the
proportion of 30–34 year-olds having completed tertiary-level education at 42%, bringing the proportion of
18–24 year-old early school leavers below 8%, and reducing the number of people living at risk of poverty
and social exclusion.

In 2013 and 2014, the European Council adopted recommendations for all Member States aimed
at guiding national decision-making. The recommendations given to Finland relate to the long-term
sustainability of public finances, productivity of public services, reducing unemployment and raising the
actual retirement age, increasing competition, and business structure diversification.