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Work begins on building the AuroraAI network

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 14.10.2019 12.50 | Published in English on 17.10.2019 at 14.49
News item

One of the objectives of the Government Programme of Prime Minister Antti Rinne is to use digital transformation to drive productivity improvement. In its budget session, the Government allocated funding to the AuroraAI programme, which is designed to provide citizens with easier access to services.

The use of information and advanced technologies will offer new ways of improving operational efficiency, creating savings, ensuring services match customer needs, and delivering better service quality and customer experience. Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics will also be used to increase the productivity of public administration.

In autumn 2018, the Ministry of Finance launched a preliminary study on the Aurora artificial intelligence (AI) programme, which involved creating a development and implementation plan extending to 2023. Several organisations from the public, private and third sectors contributed to the preliminary study.

“AuroraAI uses artificial intelligence to seamlessly bring together service providers and those who need services. The operating model involves using AI to make services available to citizens exactly when they are needed. Service provision focuses on the user, in other words the citizen. A person about to change jobs, for instance, will be automatically provided with services in the public, private and third sectors to support the transition from one job to the next, and to help avoid a period of unemployment. This operating model will be supported by the AuroraAI network, in which public, private and third sector services interact to deliver the best services to citizens,” Senior Specialist Aleksi Kopponen and Coordinator Niko Ruostetsaari explain.

The system uses various features of artificial intelligence to provide services that accurately match the customer’s needs.

“The purpose of the AuroraAI network is to make everyday life easier for all of us,” Kopponen notes.

AuroraAI network to be launched in a kick-off event

In the following weeks and months, action will be taken to create a plan for constructing the AuroraAI network. Key themes to be addressed include services, platforms, information management, competence, efficient resource allocation, digital trust, leadership, regulation and project planning. The Ministry of Finance will organise a kick-off event on 24 October to discuss these themes. Expert groups will conclude the event with a presentation of their views. These views will be compiled into a package of materials to support the actual project plan.

The event will be held at the meeting centre of the Ministry of Finance in Kruununhaka, Helsinki, on Thursday, 24 October at 8.30–15.00. Read more and register by 17 October. Please note that there is a limited number of seats available. If you wish to participate in the preparation of the programme after the event, please contact the persons below for an invitation to join the AuroraAI network.


Aleksi Koponen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 29 553 0145, aleksi.kopponen(at)
Niko Ruostetsaari, Coordinator, tel. +358 29 553 0309, niko.ruostetsaari(at)