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Everyday uncertainties highlighted in Lockdown Dialogues – Organisers welcomed for next events

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 9.10.2020 12.56 | Published in English on 9.10.2020 at 14.48
Press release

The Lockdown Dialogues held in the spring attracted more than 1,100 participants, and these events are now continuing in the autumn. On 23 September, individuals, groups and organisations from far and wide took part in the online discussions about life under lockdown. The next such opportunity will be on 22 October. Dialogue organisers are already signing up for this.

Virus resurgence brings greater insecurity

The first Lockdown Dialogues event of the autumn attracted participants of different ages from across Finland and abroad. The discussions, in Finnish and in Swedish, provided an opportunity to talk about feelings that people have regarding the uncertainties in everyday life. Talking to others and sharing experiences in this way proved helpful to participants, giving them greater confidence in the future.

The epidemic is now escalating again, and in the discussions it was clear that people are suffering fatigue, they are constantly on their guard, feeling uncertain and insecure, and concerned that not everybody appears to be pulling in the same direction. 

The discussions provided the opportunity to stop and focus on the matters in question, which allowed people to structure their concerns and wishes.  

Join in with organising the dialogues

The aim of the Lockdown Dialogues is to offer individuals, groups and organisations the opportunity to engage in constructive discussion and to build an understanding about what it is like to live in Finland during the COVID-19 crisis. Discussions are currently being planned by almost 30 different organisers from all corners of society – from private individuals to organisations, municipalities, companies, foundations and government ministries.

We invite you to sign up as a dialogue organiser. You can provide participants the chance to express their thoughts and feelings about the current situation and what the future holds, while also taking part in building a bigger picture of the prevailing situation in Finnish society.

The spring Lockdown Dialogues summaries were used, for example, as material for the OECD's confidence assessment, in COVID-19 preparedness work and in influencing policy at the Ministry of Finance.

By facilitating discussions in the Lockdown Dialogues, organisers are able to gain a valuable insight into the situation in society today. The discussions can reveal observations that can help an organisation to create a snapshot of the situation and adapt its activities to the prevailing reality.

Dialogue organisers are welcome to sign up for the next events, which will be on 22 October, 12 November and 3 December. Via the link below, you can find out what you or your organisation need to do to organise a discussion in the Lockdown Dialogues, and what help is available for you to do this. Each of the Lockdown Dialogues has been drawn together in a summary, presenting a diverse and structured overview of the current state of society. The Ministry of Finance also distributes a summary to central government and the municipalities. Summaries can be found in full on the Lockdown Dialogues website.

Responsibility for the coordination of the Lockdown Dialogues and the preparation and publishing of the summary material and its distribution to central government and the municipalities is shared between Dialogue Academy, Timeout Foundation, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance.


Dialogue Academy: Janne Kareinen, Director, janne.kareinen(at)dialogiakatemia.fi, tel. +358 456316516

Timeout Foundation: Laura Arikka, CEO, laura.arikka(at)eratauko.fi, tel. +358 445792686

Ministry of Finance: Katju Holkeri, Senior Ministerial Adviser, katju.holkeri (at)vm.fi, tel. +358 407649880

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