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OECD Public Governance Ministerial Meeting at Finlandia Hall on Wednesday 28 October
Finland a leading country in good public governance

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 26.10.2015 10.20
Press release

The OECD Public Governance Ministerial Meeting 'Public Governance for Inclusive Growth – towards a new vision for the Public Sector' will be held in Helsinki on 28 October 2015 at Finlandia Hall. Finland will host and chair the meeting.

The ministerial meeting will be attended by 31 ministers, over 50 delegations and close to 200 participants. A record number of participants will come to the meeting. The languages of the meeting will be English and French.

The meeting will be chaired by Ms Anu Vehviläinen, Minister for Local Government and Public Reforms. The vice-chairs of the meeting are ministers from Germany, Japan and the United States. Secretary General Mr Angel Gurria and Deputy Secretary General Ms Mari Kiviniemi from the OECD will both be attending.

Members of Finnish delegation and meeting themes from across sectors

The Finnish delegation to the meeting consists of representatives of several ministries. Minister Vehviläinen is the chair of the meeting, Minister of Finance Mr Alexander Stubb will be speaking at the dinner, and State Secretary Mr Olli-Pekka Heinonen from the Ministry of Finance will be chairing one of the ministerial labs. State Secretary Ms Paula Lehtomäki represents the Prime Minister’s Office and Permanent Secretary Ms Tiina Astola the Ministry of Justice at the meeting.

The meeting will discuss the role and importance of public governance and the public sector in increasing productivity. Citizen participation, digitalisation, productivity, open governance and management are themes important to Finland. The outcome of the meeting will be a common vision for the public sector.

The ministerial meeting will also see the launching of the new OECD flagship publication entitled ‘Regulatory Policy Outlook’. This is an analysis of the progress made by OECD countries in improving the way they regulate.

Ministers to work together in 'labs'

The ministers will work together in the following four concurrent sessions, or 'labs': Voice, Design, Delivery and Accountability. During these sessions, the ministers will explore what kind of administrative structures, models and management systems provide good tools for problem solving across sectors.

- The themes of our 'labs' follow the policy cycle - how decisions translate into desired change and greater impact in society. The 'labs' provide for ministers a new, innovative way to discuss with each other, says Financial Counsellor Ms Katju Holkeri from the Ministry of Finance on the eve of the meeting.

Youth Dialogue to gather young people and ministers together at the House of the Estates on 27 October

An international Youth Forum will be organised on the occasion of the ministerial meeting. On Tuesday 27 October, the youth will gather together at the Youth Dialogue at the House of the Estates. These young people aged 15–25 years representing different nationalities will discuss with ministers from six countries and bring young people's voice to the ministerial meeting.

The Youth Dialogue draws on the results of youth engagement activities organised to get young people's views on what should be done to enhance their involvement. Young people find it challenging to have an influence in national decision making and global problem solving, and many of them wish that they had the right to vote at a younger age.

The delegations of young people, with around thirty members in them in total, represent Finland, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Tunisia, Mexico, Morocco, Ireland and Turkey. The Finnish delegation consists of young people from Kuopio, eastern Lapland and the capital region.

Ministerial meeting to be webcasted

A live webcast of the ministerial meeting will be available at http://www.mediaserver.fi/live/govmin15 during the first plenary session at 9.00–10.30 and during the closing remarks at 16.00–16.30.

The meeting can also be followed on Twitter with the hashtag #GovMin15.

Ms Katju Holkeri
Financial Counsellor
tel. +358 40 764 9880

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