Programme of Prime Minister Alexander Stubb’s Government

The goal of Prime Minister Stubb’s Government is an open, fair and confident Finland. The Government Programme is based on Prime Minister Katainen’s Government Programme as well as the Structural Policy Programme and policies relating to its implementation and to fiscal adjustment. Prime Minister Katainen’s Government Programme for the 2011–2015 parliamentary term and its objectives remain valid. The Government’s priorities are reducing poverty, inequality and social exclusion, consolidating public finances and promoting sustainable economic growth, employment and competitiveness. The Government will implement the objectives set and the decisions made both in the Government Programme and later in the current parliamentary term. Continuity and predictability of decision-making will strengthen the confidence of Finnish households and businesses.

Strong public finances are a prerequisite for sustainable well-being. Closing the sustainability gap in public finances requires structural reforms, the strengthening of conditions for growth and employment, and the adjustment of central government finances. Implementing the Structural Policy Programme in the manner decided in August 2013 will be ensured as previously agreed through further decisions made, if necessary, in the budget session of summer 2014. The Structural Policy Programme agreed in August 2013, the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2015–2018 and implementation decisions clarifying them will be prioritised in the actions of the administrative branches during the remainder of the parliamentary term.