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European Commission considers that the trend in Finland’s fiscal position poses risks

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 16.11.2016 14.37 | Published in English on 17.11.2016 at 10.04
Press release

The European Commission takes the view that Finland is among the group of countries considered to be at risk of non-compliance with the Stability and Growth Pact. However, Finland is not required to submit a new budgetary plan to the Commission.

On Wednesday 16 November, the European Commission published its assessment of the draft budgetary plans of the euro area countries for next year. The Commission, in its opinions, assesses how the Member States are complying with the European Union’s fiscal rules.

Finland remained in the same category as previously in regard to its compliance with the Stability and Growth Pact. The Commission did not consider the risks to be serious enough for it to ask Finland to submit a new budgetary plan for next year.

­“The Commission’s assessment is as expected. Although the Commission did not ask us for a new budgetary plan, the situation is still a significant cause for concern. In its interim review in the spring, the Government will assess the fiscal position. We will, I think, have to take corrective action if necessary, to ensure that Finland’s economy is brought back to a sustainable path,” says Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo.

The Eurogroup, consisting of the finance ministers of the euro countries, will discuss the Commission’s opinions on 5 December.  In conjunction with this, the ministers plan to issue a statement on the euro area’s fiscal position.

Commission press release

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